Akizuki today

Akizuki’s history is rich with clans, legends, myths, key events and rebellion. But this tradition continues today.

The town’s population is just over 500 and, like many rural areas of the country, is experiencing a wave of ageing. Despite this a samurai spirit remains strong and the story continues. Like Akizuki’s cherry blossoms each year, new life is blooming in Akizuki – from tourist visitors to new local businesses.

Any visit to the town reveals a hundred new stories, with a hundred more hidden behind each of them. Please enjoy your time here. By discovering and retelling them, you allow those stories to live.

Ongoing cultural influence: from Kurosawa to Star Wars

Akizuki is the setting of not one but two world famous films. Mount Kosho is the symbol of the region and was the Akizuki Clan’s main castle base in the 13th century, 700 meters above the present village.

This first inspired Akira Kurosawa’s Kakushitoride No Sanakunin (The Hidden Fortress for English-speaking audiences). This then became the inspiration for George Lucas’ blockbuster "Star Wars: A New Hope."

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