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A secret jewel in the heart of Kyushu. The Akizuki Castle Town has a subtle history being home to the Akizuki and Kuroda clans during the height of their rule, but the 800-year old town has also experienced its share of history and tragedy. Latticework on windows and doors, old samurai residences surrounded by clay moats, and mossed stonewalls decorate the streets. The area has been appropriately named “Chikuzen’s Little Kyoto”.

Akizuki flourished as a castle town with 50,000 koku. One koku is approximately 1000 sq. meters and is a unit measuring the yieldable crop of the land. Even today, Akizuki’s history and antiquity are evident. Akizuki was designated in April 1998 as a Nation’s Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

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